Women golfers need visors that are effective as well as comfortable. Regular strap and clamp style products give complete protection from sunlight but these accessories are uncomfortable. The biggest disadvantage of traditional sun protection is they give you a headache and make a mess of your hair.

Put a strap-style accessory around your head and soon you would feel the need to adjust it as it would slip down the head. Similarly you would need adjusting the clamp-style accessory to reduce the pressure clamps would give. You need an accessory that gives complete protection but no headache.

Ladies golf visors don't have strap and clamps. They aren't worn over the head and barely touch the forehead. These accessories are slipped onto the glasses and they are suitable for use over both sun as well as prescription glasses. In other words, the user has to couple this accessory with her glasses.

Advantage of this accessory

It barely touches the forehead and it gives complete protection against sunrays. It makes a shield over the glasses but it doesn't spoil the hairstyle. It is lightweight and it comes in exciting colors and patterns.

This product sits over glasses. The user can pass the arms of her glasses through the loops and slide it over the frames of her glasses. Since the visor is made from lightweight material, it won't crush or bend the frames.


It was created with the needs of women in mind, by a woman, and this is evident from its design.